Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Make Your Hot Tub Cover Last Longer

Below are a few tips on how to make your hot tub cover last longer.
  • To protect your cover from the sun it is recommended to use a protectant on the vinyl. It will protect against damaging rays of the sun. A quality soap or marine application protectant is good and will help preserve your cover
  • Try to keep the level of Bromine used to a minimum in your tub as the gas can cause peeling on the underneath of your spa cover. It could also make the cover brittle causing it to fall apart quicker.
  • Each time you shock your spa you should leave your cover open or off for an entire jet cycle of at least 15 to 20 minutes so the expelled gases can escape. Doing this will protect the underneath of your cover and also help clear the water
  • Inspect your cover for cuts or holes in the vinyl. The foam core is meant to stay dry. If there is a hole in the vinyl to the core the foam will pick up moisture slowly and get heavier. If there is a hole in your cover clear postal mailing tape is a good suggestion to cover the hole so the inside stays dry.
·         Most covers have a removable foam core. It is a good idea to remove the foam and flip it over to reverse the sag in the cover. This can be done about once a year. It is especially recommended if your tub is 7’ or bigger.
The above are just recommendations and it is up to the consumer if they want to follow this steps or not.

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