Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hot Tubs & Your Health: Relieve Back Pain

Studies have shown that hydrotherapy helps to eliminate lower back pain by reducing stress and stiffness of the bones and muscles. Hot baths have been used since ancient times to reduce pain and promote relaxation.  Back pain is common among many people and a hot tub is the perfect way to help alleviate the pain & discomfort.
Heating pads are often bought to help eliminate the pain of a small section of your body. A hot tub helps to eliminate pain throughout the entire body in different ways. The heat relaxes the muscles, which in turn reduces muscle spasms. Heat also dilates blood vessels which increases blood flow and promotes healing in the muscle tissue.
When purchasing/picking out your Sunrise Spa there are a lot of features to think about getting and which ones will benefit you the most such as jet types, seating and water pressure. It is recommended to look for jets that you can position directly onto the area of your back that is in pain. The shell of your hot tub could have a lounge chair in it to guarantee jet pressure is aimed at all the targeted areas.
Hydrotherapy treats and relieves back pain and injuries as well as reduces stress and promotes relaxation. The benefits of spas are ongoing. Your back pain relief could be just a soak away. Come into our showroom to check out your spa options today!
Note:  It is recommended to consult a physician first before using a hot tub to see if hydrotherapy is a good option for you.

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