Friday, December 9, 2011

Spa Installation: Site Selection

Owning a hot tub is supposed to be a relaxing experience. In order to have a stress-free installation then you should prepare for your spa before it arrives. Selecting the perfect spot to place your spa and attention to proper site preparation will increase the amount you use it.
Although some people place hot tubs indoors they are more commonly placed outdoors. You should have an area outdoors where the surface is level and straight. An uneven surface can potentially cause damage to the spa. An elevated foundation is recommended so the water drains away from the spa area.
Common areas to place a hot tub:
·         On the ground
·         Deck
·         Patio
·         Concrete slab

A Concrete slab is a long-term, low maintenance base making it one of the best options. Using flat gravel or crushed rock on flat ground can also make a good spa base. Whatever the material used to make a base you have to take into consideration how the water will drain away from the spa. If putting your spa in the yard a perimeter path, or walkway is a nice finishing touch that will help to keep the spa water clean by avoiding bringing debris brought in to the hot tub on user’s feet.

If placing your new spa on a deck or building a deck around your spa there are things to consider as well. The area that the hot tub is placed must support the weight of the spa, the water in it, and those who use it. You have to be aware of the structural soundness if a deck is built and build to local safety standards. If you are building the deck to surround the hot tub you will need to make sure you have easy access to the spa cabinet for cleaning/maintenance and access to the equipment compartment panel.

Another thing to keep in mind is the hot tub cover. You will have to consider how it will be moved out of the way. If planning to use a cover lifter you will have to allow the clearance necessary for the lifter to work properly.

Once again having a hot tub is a relaxing and rewarding experience and in order to achieve this relaxation it is recommended to be prepared for your new spa before its arrival.

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