Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spa Installation: Pathway Preparation

When installing a hot tub keep in mind to allow room for service access. When your hot tub needs to be serviced the technician may need to remove the side panels or access it from beneath. It’s always best to design the spa installation so the spa can still be moved and lifted off the ground if needed to be.
To prepare to have your hot tub delivered to your desired hot tub area you must prepare a pathway to get your hot tub to that specific spot.
  • Avoid trying to go around corners. Hot tubs do not bend so you will have to make sure there is enough clearance to get the tub around a corner.
  • Ensure sidewalks are free of objects and clutter.
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway during the delivery process.
  • Measure the width of stairs and steps to get up and over safely.
  • Check all entries to the area for width clearance to be sure the spa will fit.
  • Move all structures that are in the way.
  • Check overhang clearance. Not only do you have to make sure that the spa will make it through the width of an area but the height as well.
  • Check to make sure the tub will make it passed any non removable structures. Such as fixtures and rain gutters.
  • Check for overhanging branches and remove them so that your spa won’t get scratched during the process.
  • If you are placing your hot tub on a deck make sure that all patio furniture is out of the way.
If you follow these simple preparation tips you will be able to enjoy a stress-free installation. As well as get to relax without having to worry about anything complicating your spa installation.

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