Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Tubs & Your Health: Diabetes Relief

Hot tubs are well known for their ability to relieve pain. With the many types of pain relief that they provide research indicates that spas may provide benefits to those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. A person with Type 1 diabetes won’t get the same effects as someone with Type 2 because the hot water will drop the blood glucose level of a type 1 faster causing a bigger concern for risks.
It is best to use caution if a person with diabetes chooses to relax in a hot tub. One of the benefits using a spa can provide diabetics with is increased blood flow. The warm water and increased circulation spas provide help simulate the benefits of exercise. This can help diabetics control/manage their diabetes more effectively.
In 1999, a study was conducted by Dr. Hooper. Eight participants took part in this research. They each soaked in a hot tub for half an hour, six days a week. The participants’ average blood glucose levels dropped and they reported increased feelings of health. In addition, patients’ weight decreased, sleep improved, and the general feeling of well-being increased. Some patients even reduced their blood sugar levels by 13 percent – just by sitting in a hot tub.
Diabetics should always exit the tub slowly and perhaps with assistance. Due to the dangers that come along with using a spa a diabetic should never use the spa alone and should be accompanied by someone in case an incident were to occur.
To learn more on the benefits and risks of using a spa for diabetes relief talk with a physician. Although research proves that soaking in a spa can be beneficial for diabetics there are always risks. This is why you should be sure to consult with your doctor about using a spa for diabetes relief beforehand.
To learn more about diabetes spa relief and Dr. Hooper’s study visit: http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2008/05/22/1681/hot-tub-therapy-for-people-with-diabetes/

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