Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hot Tubs & Child Safety

If you have kids and plan on purchasing or already own a hot tub there are plenty of things that you need to keep in mind when allowing your children to use it. A hot tub could be very dangerous and it is very important that your child knows the dangers that come with using one. Here are some tips on child safety in hot tubs.
Your child needs adult supervision when in or around the hot tub. Although hot tubs are much shallower than pools accidents can still occur in a hot tub. You will be able to prevent an accident by being nearby to keep an eye on your child.
No running around the hot tub area. Running puts you and your child both in danger. If your child is running you may have to run after them to catch them which could cause one of you to slip and fall.  
Limit the time children spend in a hot tub. Children get hot faster than an adult because of the difference in body size. Teach your children to be able to identify when they feel hot and take appropriate breaks from being in the water to cool down.
Maturity and body size of your child must determine if they should be able to use the hot tub. A child should be able to stand in the deepest part of the hot tub with their heads high above the water level. They should be encouraged to know the difference between a spa and a swimming pool and shouldn’t be playing around or ducking their heads under the water.
Always use a child hot tub safety cover when you’re not using the hot tub. Anytime the hot tub is not in use it should have the cover on and be locked to ensure your child cannot gain access to the water. Childproofing the locks to the hot tub area and placing them high up and out of your child’s reach is also recommended.
Use child safe chemicals in the hot tub. It’s important to learn how to keep the balance of chemicals in the hot tub safe for the whole family’s health and be informed about how some chemicals may be harmful to children’s health. We recommend Spa Sure due to low amounts of chlorine.
Keep all body parts away from the water return. All parts of the body should be kept away from the water return at ALL times. If your child has long hair, it must always be tied up close to the head.
Following these important tips will enhance your child’s safety in and around the hot tub area. Make sure to take all precautions when allowing your child to use a hot tub and you will be able to enjoy your hot tub experience that much more knowing that your child is safe. If you know anyone else with children pass on this link to fill them in on child safety in the hot tub environment.

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