Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 10 Reasons To Own A Sunrise Spa - Reason #3

Our Spas Are Canadian Made

All of the spas at Sunrise Spas are Canadian made. Our spas are built and manufactured in Grimsby, Ontario. If anyone knows how brutal Canadian winters can be it’s us and we carefully design and engineer the spas so that they are made to endure long, cold winters.

At Sunrise Spas, we are committed to superior craftsmanship and using the latest innovations to maximize your hot tub experience and minimize your maintenance needs. Although if any maintenance is needed coming into the showroom gives you quick access to any parts or supplies you may need. Due to the fact that we build the spas in Grimsby, you are not required to wait for extended periods of time to order parts.

Having the experience of living in Canada, we know what we need to do to guarantee that your spa makes it through endless winters. Everything from the insulation and panelling to the covers are all built to withstand the long winters and cold weather.

In addition to the spas being Canadian made, the electronics are made in Canada as well. At Sunrise Spas we offer a variety of electronics to suit your liking.  Be sure to come into the showroom and ask about our stereo options for your spa.

Making a purchase with Sunrise Spas assures you that you are receiving the ‘best in class’ products. No matter what spa you decide suits you best we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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