Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons For Owning a Sunrise Spa - RECAP

Our list of top reasons for owning a Sunrise Spa is coming to an end. Before we tell you the number one reason we thought we would give you a quick recap on all the reasons that we went through already. Make sure to check back next Friday when we post the number one reason to owning a Sunrise Spa. Until then here are the Top 9 reasons...
Reason #10 - The Easy One Step Spa Care – SPA SURE
Our spa treatment kits get you the best quality spa care for your hot tub. Spa Sure is a one step spa care kit that eliminates time consuming maintenance.
Reason #9 – Warranty
At Sunrise Spas we offer an industry leading warranty on our spas giving you peace of mind knowing that we are there to support you if there are any issues with your spa.
Reason #8 – Eco-Friendly
We use the latest advancements in environmentally friendly products. When you purchase a spa from us you can be rest assured that all the steps to reduce our impact on the environment have been taken.
Reason #7 – Structure
Every Sunrise Spa hot tub features premium construction methods. The Sunrise Spa shell is a seamless integration of premium key construction features – a powder coated steel frame with ABS floor pan, reinforced fibreglass and a seamless thermoformed acrylic shell.
Reason #6 – Insulation
We know what hot tubs need to thrive in harsh winters. Our spas are built to withstand the elements. The features that go into the formation of a Sunrise Spa are the newest innovations in thermal insulation.
Reason #5 – 24 Years Experience
Sunrise Spas has been a top contender in the hot tub industry for over two decades – coming up on our 25th anniversary in the business. We can be found in over 50 countries.
Reason #4 –After Sales Service
There is no “middle man” when purchasing from our showroom at Sunrise Spas. Everything from the maintenance and service of your spa to the warranty is all completed directly from our showroom. We carry the parts necessary for spa maintenance and repairs on site resulting in no long waits to order parts.
Reason #3 – Canadian Made
All of the spas at Sunrise Spas are Canadian made. They are built and manufactured in Grimsby, Ontario. If anyone knows how brutal Canadian winters can be it’s us and we carefully design and engineer the spas so they are made to endure long, cold winters.
Reason #2 – Affordable
We make sure that you get the best deal in town. Not only are we selling you a spa but we help you make your purchase easier by informing and educating you on the different spas we have available.
What do you think Reason #1 will be?

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