Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips on Caring For Your Spa

In order for you to get the best benefits out of your spa it needs to be maintained properly.  A properly maintained spa means it is a healthier spa. Here are a few tips on caring for your spa.
High temperatures and the amount of people in your spa result in residual soaps, deodorants, perfumes, natural body oils and perspiration being released into the water. This creates contaminants, which can only be eliminated using specialty spa products.
The two most important steps to maintaining a properly balanced pool are sanitizing and water balancing.  It is recommended to test your spa water twice a week to make sure the water stays balanced.
An essential tip for caring for your spa is to shock the water weekly. Spas are shocked with a non-chlorine shock or oxidizer to help eliminate odours and contaminants. It is suggested to shock the spa water after each use.
Other helpful tips:
  • Use a hand skimmer to keep your spa clean of all debris.
  • The spa pump and filter should be run for approximately two hours each day.
  • The water level should be in the center of the skimmer opening.
  • Check/clean the skimmer basket weekly.
  • Use a spa cover to retain heat and keep debris out of the water
  • Your spa should be completely drained and cleaned about every 2 months.
  • Only use chemicals that are designed for spa use.
Make sure you check out our very own spa care line, Spa Sure. Spa Sure is a simple, one-step system made from a complex mixture of inorganic salts, coagulants and other environmentally friendly materials. Spa sure works primarily by preventing bio-film and scale from adhering to your hot tub’s acrylic surface, plumbing lines, filters and heater. The bacteria and total dissolved solids are coagulated and captured by the filter cartridges. The dramatic reduction in bacteria means you use less harsh chemicals to keep your spa water clear and clean. It also may help to prolong the life of your spa’s equipment. To learn more talk to our staff in the factory showroom.

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