Friday, September 23, 2011


The appearance of neck pain does not mean you need to give up your workout routine – but why not try something that is easier on the neck... exercising it in water! Neck pain can appear for many reasons, it can be pain in the back of your neck (your bones) or in your muscles. Whatever the reason for your neck pain, you can try some of these simple exercises in the privacy of your own spa. No need for the large swim spa... these exercises can be done sitting down in a leisure hot tub.  
NOTE* If the exercises you are doing cause pain or make your pain worse – you should stop right away and rest.
These exercises are meant to heal the pain you are experiencing, you should never push any exercises upon yourself. Only do what you feel comfortable with.

The first step to neck exercise is to follow these guidelines for aquatic exercise.  Once you have stretched and limbered up you can do some of the following neck exercises:

All exercises should begin with your hands at your sides and your head in an upright position, looking straight ahead.  
Shoulder roll: Shoulders should be lifted and rolled in a circular motion. Repeat 5 to 10 times with relaxing in between each repetition.
Head roll: Roll your head in a semi-circle from side to side. Repeat 5 to 10 times with relaxing in between each repetition.
Side to Side: Tilt your neck toward one shoulder, as you lean try to touch your ear to your shoulder. Be sure to move slowly so as not to hurt your neck even further. You should continue to face forward and let your neck do all the work (no help from your shoulders!). Once you feel a stretch on one side, continue the exercise on to your other shoulder.

Be sure to consult a doctor to see if these neck exercises are appropriate for your specific pain or lifestyle.

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