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5 little known facts about arthritis
From the Arthritis Foundation  - read the rest of the article here -
1.       Signs of arthritis have been found in human skeletal remains from as far back as 4500 BC.
2.       There are over 100 forms of arthritis.
3.       Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States.
4.       It is more common in women than in men (24.9% vs 18.1%).
5.       Children can get arthritis as well – there are nearly 300,000 children in the US living with arthritis.

Hot tubs are extremely beneficial in relieving arthritis pain. Many people living with arthritis will agree – heat is their friend when it comes to relieving aches and pains.  Hydrotherapy has been around for years as a way for healing aches and pains – though many may not have known why they were suffering. Nowadays, with people more educated in the disease of arthritis, hydrotherapy is still an accepted alternative therapy. What’s not to love? It’s a natural way – practiced by our relatives of old – to relieve your symptoms.

Three ways a hot tub can help:

Hot water: When you were younger and you had aches and pains, what did your parents tell you to do? One of their suggestions probably included ‘putting a hot pack on it’. Your parents may not have been a trained doctor, they may not have known the science of using heat for healing, but they knew it worked.

Jets: Many sufferers of arthritis know of the benefits of massage therapy (using massage to heal aching bones and joints) – at Sunrise Spas we created our jets with the principles of massage therapy in mind. 7 Jet types were incorporated, with different jet placements, each providing a different level of massage for your many aches and pains. Air controls are used to vary the ratio of air-to-water through the jets, giving you complete control of your hydrotherapy experience.

Exercise: It is well known that one of the best therapies for arthritis is movement, but sometimes the symptoms of arthritis don’t make this the easiest thing to do. The shock of exercising on the hard ground can shock your bones and joints and in some cases make it worse. Because of the buoyancy in the water, a person who weighs 150 lbs  on the land, would weigh about 20 lbs in the water. All that weight taken off your body would help to absorb the shock of exercising.

Before exercising or using a hot tub as therapy, you should first consult your doctor to see if this is something that would suit your lifestyle. For more information on healing arthritis through use of a hot tub visit our factory showroom and speak to one of our educated and informative sales staff.

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