Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hot tubs are generally thought of as relaxation tools but did you know that there are many companies existing that specialize in aquatic exercise in warm water? Hot tubs can be a hub for aquatic exercise - right in your own home!

The buoyancy of water reduces strain on joints, and the warm water of a hot tub soothes aching bones and muscles - making a hot tub the perfect place to practice your own water exercises. You can follow the following guidelines for water exercise, in the privacy of your spa, to be sure you are getting the most of your aquatic exercise (in a safe way.)

As it is with all exercises, the first step is to warm up. In a hot tub, the warm up period can simply be relaxing in the spa and letting your body adjust to the water temperature. Once your body seems settled and comfortable you can begin your exercises. Be sure to begin and end with easy exercises (the stretching period). Depending on the range of body exercise you plan to compete - follow through with the aerobic or stretching exercises.

Do only exercises that you feel would be comfortable to you and your body and remember the weakening effects of heat when exercising in warm water. If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or weak at any moment - be sure to stop exercises immediately and exit the spa.
Check with your doctor before practicing water exercise within your own hot tub.

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