Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. “ – Ovid. Most people nowadays will agree to the pros involving daily relaxation, but with all the stress we as a community have these days – do people still remember HOW to relax?
Relaxation can be defined as “to relieve from nervous tension, to cast off social restraint, nervous tension, or anxiety, and to seek rest or recreation”. True relaxation must involve physical relaxation as well as mental relaxation. A hot tub will help provide you with the proper relaxation that is a necessity in the modern world.

A hot tub can provide relaxation through use of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

According to designers, psychologists, feng shui experts and advertisers the most relaxing colours are believed to be cool shades such as green and blue.  They are said to make us feel calm, balanced and less emotional.  These feelings are exactly what a person needs for total relaxation. In every Sunrise spa, we have added a Perimeter LED Lighting System, as well as a LED Illuminated Waterfall. These lights will help set the mood, with the use of your sense of sight. Go against the norm in colour relaxation? Do you find bright purple – or maybe even red relaxing? That’s fine! Sunrise Spas has thought of you as well. The multi-coloured LED can be changed to a variety of different colours to suit your own relaxation experience.

Our perimeter LED lighting system in action.

An MP3 Audio system is available as an option on each of the Sunrise spa series to appeal to your sense of hearing. Play some of your favourite quiet music, or maybe a meditation recording and calm your busy mind. Not in the mood for music? Just sit quiet and listen to the soothing sounds of the illuminated waterfall.

Studies have shown that the top five scents that are used for relaxation are: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin. On the Aspire series and Paragon series we have added, as an option, the Champagne Air Bubbler with Aromatherapy. With the aromatherapy air bubbler option, you are adding air injectors which bubble aromatic air into the spa water. Choose your scent and simply drop the aromatherapy bead basket into the canister. Your spa will push air past the beads, scenting the air before it enters the spa water. Enjoy the feeling of tiny air bubbles and scented water without adding oily fragrances directly to the spa water. The easy steps used to provide superior relaxation through aromatherapy will help you get into the right mind set for relaxation.

The sense of touch in a spa is one of the most important senses to use in the quest for total relaxation. At Sunrise Spas, we have designed our jets meticulously – by combining the warm healing powers of water with the principles of massage therapy to produce a stress melting, body healing, soak experience like you’ve never thought possible.  See our blog post on hydrotherapy and our write up on jets.
The final sense we need to appeal to is taste, but this part is up to you! Settle down with your favourite wine, or maybe a hot chocolate (it’s your choice!) and enjoy the total relaxation that a hot tub has to offer.
This is just a guide to achieve relaxation, if any of the ideas don’t suit your lifestyle – change them up! It is all about your own personal experience to achieve a relaxed body, mind and soul.
For more information on total relaxation visit our factory showroom and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales staff, or visit our website at www.sunrisespas.com  

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