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Eco-Conscious is a word we hear often nowadays. We see it in the newspapers, in tv shows, from friends, the list goes on and on, but what does Eco-Conscious really mean? Merriam-Webster defines it as “eco–con·scious – marked by or showing concern for the environment”. It means being aware of what you are doing, buying, using and what it does to the environment. In our case, it is being aware of what we are manufacturing and the impact it will have on our environment.
At Sunrise Spas, the key construction features that go into making our spas, achieves not only a product of the highest quality, but also a product that is energy-efficient and green conscious.
SureSteel Frame & Thermoformed ABS Floor Pan
The backbone of every Sunrise Spa is supported by our industrial-strength steel frame, unequalled by the less stable wood frame of the competition. Our frames are precision engineered for a perfect fit with all components and are powder coated for rust prevention. To keep maintenance needs simple, and the frame and equipment away from the cold wet ground, we cap the entire bottom with a thermoformed ABS Pan with raised equipment mountain platforms. This barrier will also help keep all unwanted elements from entering the spa, such as moisture, insects and rodents.
The SureSteel Frame not only is a key part in keeping your hot tub stable but, will also last longer than many of the frames of the competition, therefore using less energy and materials to service your hot tub.
The Thermoformed ABS Floor Plan is extremely important in the energy efficiency of Sunrise Spas - as it protects your spa from the elements (less service needed) as well as keeping heat inside the spa.

GreenGuard 4-Chambered Thermal Retention System
Our proprietary insulation technology combines the insulating properties of air chambers with our unique bagged ROXUL insulating panels layered around the interior of the spa cabinet, including the base. Unlike the low performance of blown-in foam, ROXUL maintains a high R-Value and is hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb moisture, preventing the growth of fungi or mildew and ensuring the R-Value remains high. This stone wool is made from naturally occurring balsat rock mixed with over 40% recycled slag, creating a vermin proof, sound deadening and light-weight material with superior insulating properties.

PermaLoc RotNot Base (available only on the Paragon series)
The injection moulded base, made from a virtually indestructible composite material which is also 100% recycled, is totally impervious to water and rodents, will never warp and is absolutely maintenance free.

PermaLoc Vertical Supports (available only on the Paragon series)
Unlike many other brands, a Paragon 'chassis' contains no wood, which could rot or weaken over time. Our unique vertical supports are made from the same material as the base, and are injection moulded for precise fit and perfect alignment.

Outback Eternalwood Cabinetry
Our stylish Eternalwood cabinets are not just attractive, they are designed to support energy-efficiency and low maintenance - two of the top requests we get from our customers. Our cabinet infrastructure employs a unique triple laminating process; a colour fast synthetic outer layer, a 2mm PVC sheet for added strength and a 20mm Styrofoam insulating slab which are bonded together. Eternalwood is an engineered material that will give you the look and feel of real wood without the faults of real wood such as fading, warping, and the constant maintenance and protection. The unique tri-lam design creates a strong cabinet with additional insulating properties that is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to our construction features, we have also given you some state-of-the-art options to make your tub even more energy efficient and green conscious. These options include:

Low Energy Consumption Circulation Pump (optional on Aspire series, standard on Paragon series)
Operating separately from our jet pumps, a dedicated energy-efficient circulation pump filters the spa approximately every 14 minutes for as long as your spa is running. Powered by less than 1 amp, our circulation pump costs less to operate than a 100-watt light bulb.

Freshwater Ozonator (optional on Simplicity and Aspire series, standard on Paragon series)
An ozonator produces ozone gas, the same gas which protects our earth's atmosphere. When ozone gas is injected into your spa water it acts as an oxidizer which destroys organics that bacteria feed on. Ozone also breaks down oils, including body oil, to keep your spa clear and fresh. An ozonator can help reduce the amount of chemical you use to treat your spa water.

UV Sanitizing System (optional on Aspire and Paragon series)
The UV sanitizing system is a chamber which emits ultraviolet light as the water passes through. The water is exposed to the UV-C band which is also known as the germicidal range. The light penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, altering their DNA or RNA. This process deactivates the cell, making them unable to replicate. A cell which is unable to replicate is considered dead. The result is that you'll use much less chemical to treat your spa water.

By manufacturing our spas, with an awareness for the well-being of our earth, we are helping to save the planet as well as saving you money. If you have any questions about the energy efficiency that have not been answered in this article please contact our factory showroom.

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